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25 Mar Caruso Company Animation

Caruso Co. Executive Producer Robert Caruso began his animation career while working as a Director at Industrial Light & Magic. His first animation assignment teamed him with ILM’s academy award winning artists to inhabit Will Smith’s MTV Award-winning music video “Men In Black” with a dancing alien from Barry Sonnenfeld’s blockbuster motion picture. Following this early success, Robert has been fortunate to direct scores of animation assignments for clients’ Universal Studios, Columbia Pictures, Kraft, Reese’s, Proctor & Gamble, Sony, Sun Microsystems and Clorox. His animation work has garnered multiple honors including a Clio, a London International Advertising Award and an Anicom Animation Award.

Caruso Co. offers creative development and a full range of animation services to all our clients with expertise in 3D, CGI character animation, story, character design, performance and process.

Find animation work by Director Robert Caruso and (CC) here.