Men In Black Music Video frames

28 May Men In Black Music Video, Will Smith

MTV and Billboard Magazine award winning music video by Will Smith. Director: Robert Caruso, Producers: Allan Wachs and Shari Hanson, Production Company: Industrial Light & Magic, Record Co: Columbia Records, Choreographer: Stretch, D.P. Steven Ramsey, Production Designer: Peter Hampton, Editor: Bob Jenkis....

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08 Apr Just Happy Bits

Our clients have asked us to share our latest news as well as the stories, methodology and craft behind some of our favorite, unusual and award-winning film production projects. We hope you too will enjoy our just happy bits....

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11 Mar Will Smith “Will 2K” Music Video

Will Smith, "Will 2K" music video. A time travel, millennium celebration showcasing dance styles from the 1920's, 1970's, 1940's, 1980's and beyond. Director: Robert Caruso Producers: Jack Hardwick, Paul Hill D.P.: Bill Pope Production Designer: J.P. Flack Choreographer: Fatima Robinson Sylist/Wardrobe: Frank Chevalier FX Supervisor: George Murphy FX: Industrial Light & Magic Grammy Nomination "Best Short Form Music Video"...

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24 Oct Caruso Co. San Rafael, Marin County, CA Video Production

San Rafael, California based media production group, Caruso Co. offers complete media services to large and small businesses in Marin County, California. Award winning Executive Producer and Director Robert Caruso leads the companies multiple creative service offerings crafting TV and web commercials, corporate media and original content for small businesses, fortune 500 companies and non-profits....

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21 Sep Robert Caruso Director Archive Reel

Robert Caruso Director Archive Reel. Commercials, Animation, Music Videos. Spots include: Activision: Tony Hawk 2, Sprint: MIB Worms, Nestles: Shaquille O'Neal, Hefty: Eskimo, Telephone, Sunny Delight: Anchorage Otters, Will Smith: Men In Black Music Video (excerpt), Hefty: Gingerbread Man, Verizon: James Earl Jones, Honeycomb: Recipe For Disaster, Coors Beer: Jamie Foxx, Will Smith: Wil2k Music Video (excerpt)....

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