Film Production Services


Crews. Gear. Locations. Global Production Management.

Caruso Company launched in 2014 to facilitate creative video production for non profits, startups, agencies and Brands. As our client relationships deepened, we received inquiries from in-house creative teams for a production service option. We now provide a more tailored approach with both creative and production services to support A-list clients around the globe.


Caruso Company crafts scalable solutions, making it easy for agencies, marketing teams and production companies. We do the heavy lifting: vetting film crews, sourcing equipment, location services, handling film permits, union hires, casting, production insurance and crew payroll.

San Francisco Bay Area and Beyond


In addition to our deep San Francisco Bay Area production expertise our recent work has included productions throughout North America in cities such as: Honolulu, Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, NYC, Boston, Vancouver and Toronto as well as overseas projects in Germany, Ireland and Africa.