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Music Videos Caruso Co.

17 Feb Music Videos Caruso Co.

Robert Caruso began his film career as owner and Executive Producer of Commotion Pictures where he represented a roster of award winning video directors. This boutique startup began with an empty checkbook and a music video contract for rap legends, Public Enemy. Five years later he and partner Andrew Linsk had built the company into a multi-million dollar business while completing over 50 clips including hit videos for artists such as Green Day, PJ Harvey, John Lee Hooker, Paris, Soundgarden and Mavis Staples.

Robert went on to helm additional videos during his six year directorial stint at Industrial Light & Magic. These projects included 3 Grammy and MTV honored videos for Hollywood superstar, Will Smith, including the multi-platinum hit “Men In Black“. This classic dance clip has been sighted often in countless Top 100 Videos lists and featured an animated dancing alien cast from Barry Sonnenfeld’s blockbuster motion picture.