COVID19 video production updates

COVID19 video production updates

We Are Ready
The Coronavirus Pandemic presents extraordinary challenges, both personal and professional. How do we stay safe: keep ourselves, our families, our industry intact, and still find ways to create? Well, we are makers at heart. We are hard wired to innovate and overcome disruptions to our industry.

We Are Safe
Our first priority is the health and safety of our clients, crew and talent. This has a new urgency that none of us could have imagined. Since city lock downs began, we have been thinking and planning. What are the next steps, and what might a safe film set look like moving forward?

Caruso Co. COVID19 Video Production Guide

Please click on our COVID19 Film Production Guide above. Our comprehensive list includes a range of video production services we can offer clients today, not in 18 months, but now.

Watch “Home Is Everything” our latest work for Bed Bath & Beyond filmed with COVID-19 safety protocols in place.

Stay Safe!

Enjoy our updated 2020 Caruso Company Showreel


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