Meta keynote film “Metaverse Gaming”

Our filmmaking journey has been an exploration of emerging technologies. From VFX and animation at Industrial Light & Magic, to collaborations with the Oculus AR/VR and 360 camera teams, contributing to Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse launch, and now exploring an exciting range of AI production tools.

AI Film “Fundamentals Of Transportation”

We are learning and testing AI capability to help clients be more efficient and create astounding next generation content. Enjoy our first AI film “Fundamentals Of Transportation”.

Generative AI Art – Camera Series

We are deploying generative AI as a powerful conceptual engine, fueling ideation, storyboarding and harnessing its immense capability in the creation of innovative visual concepts. Enjoy this wild visual exploration of fantasy motion picture cameras.

Meta Metaverse Use Case Films

Director James Niebuhr and Caruso Company were tapped to produce three films featured at Meta Connect for Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse unveiling. Each featured a unique glimpse into the possible future of work, gaming and entertainment.

Facebook Manifold 360 Camera System

Our 360 camera work with Meta highlighted the collaboration with RED Cameras and the roll out of the groundbreaking Manifold Camera system.

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