Event Video Production

World class video production services for major brands and leading fortune 500 partners.


Caruso co clients

Meta Connect_Metaverse Launch Film


We work hard to produce innovative, thought-provoking media. Whether it’s a product launch, telling a customer story, shaping a keynote film or capturing the excitement of a live event or concert, we take the time to understand the emotions and strategy behind the idea and craft something exceptional.


We offer scalable solutions, making it easy for agencies and marketing teams to produce fantastic video content anywhere.

Caruso co films in Burundi Africa

Filming in Burundi Africa for Meta_Internet Society

Satya Nadella dreamforce interview film

Satya Nadella / Microsoft CEO / Dreamforce Keynote Film_Client: Salesforce

Laura Newinski KPMG interview

Laura Newinski / COO KPMG “Customer Story” Client: Salesforce


For over two decades we’ve worked directly with C-suite executives, company founders, leadership and marketing teams to deliver best in class event video content for the worlds biggest brands.


Our work has been featured keynote content at global events including: Dreamforce, NEXT, CES, Meta Connect, Oculus Connect, Africa Connect, GDC, E3, Oktane and many more.


Caruso Company provides A-List crews to document any size conference, expo, concert or corporate event.

Beniof_Salesforce event film

Mark Beniof / Salesforce CEO_Salesforce birthday celebration

CES Brand Film_Client: Intel


Editorial. Graphics. Animation. VFX. We can scale to any small or complex post production deliverable.


Caruso Company curates acclaimed Director, Creative and Crew talent to fit any small or large scale production.

Caruso Co Director interviews a ServiceNow employee


A sampling of our Event Video Productions

Caruso Company Event Video highlight reel.

Salesforce “Turtle Bay Elevates Hospitality With Einstein 1 Service”

Salesforce General Mills “Customer Story” Dreamforce film.

Salesforce Sunnova “Customer Story” Dreamforce

Salesforce Gucci “Customer Story” Dreamforce film.

Service Now “Rise Up”

Salesforce.com “Merevis is a Trailblazer”. Dreamforce film.

Salesforce Texas Rangers “Customer Story” Dreamforce

Salesforce.com “RAD Women.org”. Dreamforce film.

Google NEXT 2018 Sizzle Film

Facebook “Internet Society” Africa Connect

FB “VR for Business” Oculus Connect 6

Google NEXT “Bloomberg Film”

Salesforce.com “My Trailblazer Story Stephanie Herrera” Dreamforce film.

Salesforce.com “Ticketmaster is a Trailblazer” Dreamforce film.

Salesforce.com “Zillow is a Trailblazer”. Dreamforce film.

Salesforce.com “Tesla To The Future”

Salesforce.com “Down to Earth”

Salesforce.com “We Are Here”

Salesforce.com “Ticketmaster us a Trailblazer with Marketing Cloud”

Intel CES 2017

Salesforce.com “Zav Otero is a Trailblazer”

Zuora “Subscription Economy Is Here”

Facebook Shared Spaces Oculus Connect 6

Salesforce “Microsoft Success Story” Dreamforce 2015

Salesforce Gives “S.F. Unified School District”

Facebook WebXR

Meta “Cambria Metaverse”

Facebook “HandToHeart”

AppExchange “Winning Together in the Salesforce Ecosystem”

Salesforce.com “Eli Lilly’s Customer Success Story”

Path iPhone App Launch Video