AI camera series_bee made from camera parts

A Concept Engine AI Art “Camera Series”


AI generated art by Robert Caruso

Each dive into generative AI transports us with provocative, inspired visual twists. A very human, strategic concept is still the starting point to any good film. But we are discovering the immense power of these tools as collaborators, helping us brainstorm, conjure fantastic visuals and fuel new ideas.

Our latest AI adventure is a visual exploration of motion picture cameras. We were excited to find out what a 12th-century camera and filmmaker might look like, or glimpse into possible scenes of a filmmaking future. We rendered cameras that loom 1000 feet into the air, ones built from robots, others operated by dogs. We imagined whimsical cameras made from bees, eggs, ukuleles, blueberries, footballs, even Ferrari parts.

We hope this exploration is both entertaining and thought-provoking. These early days of AI hold exciting potential, and we look forward to using these tools to create groundbreaking media with other artists and filmmakers.



AI Art “Camera Series””