Robert Caruso.

Caruso Co. founder and Executive Producer Robert Caruso is an award-winning director and producer of advertising and marketing content. He has been honored by the Clios, The London International Advertising Awards, Anicom Animation, The MTV AwardsBillboard Magazine and the Grammys. He has worked out of renown production companies including Industrial Light & Magic, HKM Films and Rhythm and Hues as well as helming projects for major Hollywood studios, record companies, fortune 500 marketing teams and A-list celebrities.

As Director he has enjoyed working with celebrities as varied as cinema icons Arnold Schwarzenegger, America Ferrera, Will Smith, James Earl Jones and Jamie Foxx, legendary musicians John Lee Hooker, Green Day, Mavis Staples and The Coup (featuring Boots Riley) as well as global sports figures such as skateboard legend Tony Hawk, basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal and hockey great Wayne Gretzky.

Robert has directed broadcast advertising campaigns for Verizon, Nestle, Sprint, Disney, Coors, Motorola, Kraft and many others. Additional work as both director and executive producer include web films and branded content for a range of Silicon Valley and Fortune 500 companies. Notable clients include: Meta/Facebook, Google, Intel, HP, LinkedIn, Oracle and Salesforce.

Early in his career, Robert partnered in the launch of San Francisco based, Commotion Pictures where he directed nearly forty music videos and began his commercial career. He also represented a roster of talented directors and shared the title of Executive Producer. Notable music industry clients included: Warner Brothers’ artist Green Day, A&M’s Soundgarden, Virgin Records’ John Lee Hooker, Columbia Records’ Public Enemy and Warner’s Mavis Staples. Commercial work included spots for: Sega, Time Warner, Taco Bell and Levis Strauss.

Following Commotion, Robert was recruited by George Lucas’ special effects company, Industrial Light & Magic. Through ILM’s commercial division he directed dozens of award-winning spots and continued with music videos including three titles for actor/musician Will Smith. Two of these clips “Men In Black” and “Will2K”, garnered multiple honors including an MTV Award and a Grammy Nomination. He also helmed several character animation projects, working with ILM’s award winning animators and effects artists.

After leaving ILMCP, he directed out of commercial shops HKM Films (now Hello!) in Los Angeles and later animation powerhouse, Rhythm & Hues where he continued with innovative commercial work for Verizon, Nestles, Savon, Kraft, Clorox and others.

Robert currently works as Director and Executive Producer out of his own full service, San Francisco based production shop, Caruso Company.

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