Caruso Co shoots with Facebook 360 and The Manifold Camera

Caruso Company recently collaborated with Facebook and the Oculus 360 camera team to produce their latest promotional footage shot on the recently announced Manifold Camera.  The Manifold is described as “the first studio-ready camera system for immersive 6DoF storytelling, aiming to connect creative professionals with audiences. Caruso was brought on to assist Facebook’s stellar creative team in the creation of a 360 immersive story that included over 20 actors working at a single apartment location all to help showcase Manifold as the world’s first end-to-end solution for 3D and 360 video capture.

“Manifold captures multiple camera angles simultaneously from within a given volume, enabling infinite perspectives to be generated from any direction within a field of view. Using RED’s best-in-class camera sensor design and image processing pipeline, filmmakers get superior image quality when shooting their projects, from live and avant-garde performances to big-budget spectacles. Facebook’s industry-leading depth estimation technology captures 3D information from any scene—like characters, props, and everyday backgrounds—resulting in high-quality video bursting with enhanced volumetric detail and movement.”

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Facebook/RED Manifold 360 Camera