Audi – “Powell Street Project”

Venables Bell & Partners teamed with Audi and director Doug Walker to document their Powell Street Project in San Francisco. The project was part of a wider launch of Audi’s flagship A7 car. The A7 redefines the driving experience, according to Audi, and so Venables decided to redefine the world around it as well. To do that, it teamed up with San Francisco’s Union Square Business Improvement District and the city’s mayor to redesign two heavily trafficked blocks in the heart of the city.

The blocks are renamed the Powell Street Promenade, and designed by Walter Hood at the Hood Design Studio. The promenade is now completely pedestrian friendly, with bike racks and benches as well as landscaping and solar lighting. Funded by Audi, the automaker wants the new space to reflect the same innovation that is present in its cars.

Director: Doug Walker

Agency: Venables Bell & Partners