Hinge Health Campaign

Hinge Health Member Testimonials

Hinge Health Solutions Overview

Hinge Health Campaign

“Member Testimonial” and “Solutions Overview”

Director: Tyler Manson

In 2023 Caruso Co and director Tyler Manson were approached by digital clinic Hinge Health to help kick off a company wide rebranding. The goal of the video campaign was to share the human stories behind Hinge’s innovative muscular skeletal care with a wider audience while also communicating to employers how Hinge has built an exceptional physician based team. The result were two films, one a testimonial series featuring Hinge members across the U.S.. For the second film we interviewed company stakeholders to craft an executive message to employers. With compelling, emotional b-roll from our testimonial stories, we simultaneously captured material for both titles. The results were seven deliverables consisting of five member stories, an anthem film, plus an overview video to introduce Hinge to new business customers.