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21 May Caruso Co. Celebrity Clips

Enjoy the Caruso Co.. celebrity clips, featuring work from director Robert Caruso and the (CC) archives. Our montage includes: Will Smith, Tony Hawk, Shaquille O'Neil, Jamie Foxx, ET The Extra Terrestrial, James Earl Jones, Wayne Gretzky, Jeff Clark, Danica Patrick, Arnold Shwartzenegger, Candice Michelle, Green Day, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Eve and John Lee Hooker. ...

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21 Sep Robert Caruso Director Archive Reel

Robert Caruso Director Archive Reel. Commercials, Animation, Music Videos. Spots include: Activision: Tony Hawk 2, Sprint: MIB Worms, Nestles: Shaquille O'Neal, Hefty: Eskimo, Go.com: Telephone, Sunny Delight: Anchorage Otters, Will Smith: Men In Black Music Video (excerpt), Hefty: Gingerbread Man, Verizon: James Earl Jones, Honeycomb: Recipe For Disaster, Coors Beer: Jamie Foxx, Will Smith: Wil2k Music Video (excerpt)....

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