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17 Feb Music Videos Caruso Co.

Robert Caruso began his film career as owner and Executive Producer of Commotion Pictures where he represented a roster of award winning video directors. This boutique startup began with an empty checkbook and a music video contract for rap legends, Public Enemy. Five years later he and partner Andrew Linsk had built the company into a multi-million dollar business while completing over 50 clips including hit videos for artists such as Green Day, PJ Harvey,...

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21 Sep Robert Caruso Director Archive Reel

Robert Caruso Director Archive Reel. Commercials, Animation, Music Videos. Spots include: Activision: Tony Hawk 2, Sprint: MIB Worms, Nestles: Shaquille O'Neal, Hefty: Eskimo, Telephone, Sunny Delight: Anchorage Otters, Will Smith: Men In Black Music Video (excerpt), Hefty: Gingerbread Man, Verizon: James Earl Jones, Honeycomb: Recipe For Disaster, Coors Beer: Jamie Foxx, Will Smith: Wil2k Music Video (excerpt)....

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