Caruso Company in Africa – Sub Sea Fiber, Global Internet Infrastructure

Caruso Company partners with 2Africa and the Internet Society to document the largest sub sea fiber optic cable project in history and share stories of the growth of internet infrastructure in Africa.


Caruso Company has partnered with 2Africa and Meta to share their exciting sub sea fiber optic cable story. The multi national project, landing across 3 continents, teams partners from across the globe including: China Mobile, MTN, Orange, STC, Telecom Egypt, Vodafone and WIOCC. All are working in tandem with the goal of improving access to essential broadband infrastructure, bringing sustainable growth and development to undeserved communities and economies helping them flourish with accessible internet. For updates on this work, get in touch with 2Africa here.




2Africa is part of a broader international push to grow internet infrastructure throughout Africa. In addition to the 2Africa Sub Sea work, Caruso Company teamed with Meta and The Internet Society to film in Burundi Africa. Our work there helped to highlight The Internet Society’s goal of bringing internet to communities throughout central Africa. The film features interviews with key stakeholders at Meta and The Internet Society while capturing the spectacular people, schools, businesses and landscapes of Burundi. Read more below.



Meta partners with the Internet Society to strengthen existing, and create new, IXPs in Africa and other regions. In Burundi Africa they rely on local expertise to build capacity. With the Internet Society’s expertise, Meta’s multi-year grant provides the equipment, training, and community engagement needed for IXP infrastructure development, bringing faster, higher-quality internet to the local community. Read more Internet Society updates here.


2Africa and Internet Society/Burundi film credits:

Client: Meta/Facebook

Agency: Caruso Company
Production Company: Caruso Company
Director / DOP: Tyler Manson
Producer: Robert Caruso, Allan Wachs, Molly McEvoy, Vieve Haag
Post production: Doug Walker (1606 Studio), Jon Barnhardt (Meta)



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