Path - Share Life

Caruso directs “Share Life” for Path

(CC) director Robert Caruso was hired on to direct a second brand video for the photo sharing app, Path. This newest video presents a variety of intimate family vignettes that showcase the personal photo and video sharing features of the app.

The video employs a split screen presentation of a story that uniquely contrasts and compliments a wide range of family moments. Each pairing of images, screen left and right, reinforce Path’s themes of sharing and family. Some show the simple sending and receiving of moments, others play off the thematic, metaphoric or compositional balance of our personal lives. The piece captures the ordinary, the special, the happy and the introspective glimpses into a family and the lives the two young children. The video aspires to leave the viewer feeling moved by the power of Path’s intimate connections.

Path “Share Life” Video Credits:
Client: Path
Title: “Share Life”
Director: Robert Caruso
Executive Producer: Vic Ferrer/Producer’s Loft
Director Of Photography: Cliff Traiman
Editor: Vic Ferrer
Music: Minnutes “Here 4 U”