PSA for and International Women’s Day

Caruso Company director Doug Walker created a PSA for and International Women’s Day.  Filmed in a single take, the video presents a 1950’s style newscast that transforms into a 21st century studio all while the reporter updates the viewer on the state of gender equality around the world. Sadly the account brings into stark contrast how across the decades things have not improved nearly enough for women around the globe.

Oisika Chakrabarti, chief of communications and advocacy for UN Women elaborates, “not a single country in the world has achieved gender equality. The fact that we could still be watching the same news as our grandparents, as this PSA shows, means that we simply have not seen enough progress.”

San Francisco agency Erich & Kallman developed the innovative idea and partnered with director Walker to create this very special piece.

Read more in this recent Adweek feature article. and Shoot Online. IWD credits:

Client: UN Women
Social Media Team Lead: Sarah Gilbertz
Audiovisual Specialist: Marisa Grattan

Agency: Erich & Kallman
Production Company: Caruso Company
Director: Doug Walker
Producer: Vieve Haag
Production Coordinator: Janae Bassignani
Assistant Director: Annie Spiegelman
Wardrobe: Molly Rebuschatis
Gaffer: Alan Steinheim
Production Designer: David Daugherty
Prop Master: Aaron Young
Director of Photography: Norman Bonney
Executive Producer: Robert Caruso

Post production: 1606 Studios
Editor: Brandy Troxler
Executive Producer: Jon Ettinger
Visual Effects: Matt Trivan
Color: Doug Walker
Mix: M Squared Productions
Sound Engineer: Co-Founder / Mark Pitchford
Music: Butter Music
CCO/Composer: Andrew Sherman
EP: Annick Mayer
Producer: Stone Irr